Cyprus is Beautiful in Any Weather


A friend of mine, Valerio Belov, is a poet. Once he was on vacation in Cyprus during the cold season, and namely in the fishermen's village of Pomos to the west of the island. One would think that was an off-season in its full play, no sea swimming at all (the swimming season in Cyprus ends in November). There were few people there, no tourists. Sometimes it rained. It was quite far away from cities with their entertainment possibilities. And yet, my friend had a wonderful time there. He put his feelings into verse, which he kindly allowed me to post in this blog. The poem is appropriately titled Cyprus. Everything is as though made just for me here, I feel calm on any day... And my fireplace is full of fire, I am sitting nearby, I remain serene. I see the sea in front of me, I wish I touched it with my hand! And I see boundless sky above me, I wish I reached it with my head! I want to drink on the sweet air Before my life has rushed past me And vanished far away in some place far from Earth... I spoke with Valerio, he wants to come back to Cyprus time and again... I'll add for myself. A winter fireplace in Cyprus is a pleasure to be described in verse!