A Flat Tire


Yesterday my wife called me and said that she got a tire deflated when driving home. Moreover, the tire was so flat that it was impossible to drive any further. My wife didn’t have a spare tire. What could she do?I went to the nearest tire mounting service to ask for some advice. I came to the mechanic. In Cyprus, not only white collars can speak English, but also the blue ones. I spoke English and the mechanic understood me just fine. Without further ado, he grabbed an electric pump (one working from a lighter) from a shelf and gave it to me. Like he was telling me: go to your wife right now, inflate the tire with this pump and come back here for repairs. The point of the story is that it was the first time I'd been at that tire mounting shop, I didn't know anyone and they didn't know me. The mechanic didn’t ask for any securities or passport details, not even my phone number. He just handed me the device, and that's all. In Cyprus, people do have trust!Well, then I drove to my wife with that pump. By the way, it didn’t help. The tire had virtually burst, there was a large hole in it. We had to call for a tow truck that took my wife's car to the same shop where I'd got the pump. They replaced the tire. I am very grateful to them!