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Submitted on 17/09/2020

Jellyfish Attack!

Jellyfish Attack!

Everyone probably heard the terrible news from Egypt, where sharks attacked people in the Red Sea. 

Luckily, those creatures aren't found near Cyprus. And not only them. But there are innocuous but quite unpleasant sea creatures like jellyfish.

This summer, there were reports of jellyfish attacking the swimmers near Spanish shores. Beaches in Israel are closed for a while because of jellyfish hazard.

But in Cyprus (300-350 km from Israel) there are none of them. Jellyfish probably decided to leave the island alone. Tourists and property buyers, come to Cyprus! The sea is always calm here, there are no whirlpools, no sudden storms, no jellyfish or sharks. If you have seen something like them, it means you're on Crete. :)

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