OK or Not OK?


The other day, my friends and I were sitting in a small restaurant on the shore in Limassol. The meeting ran late, as it should, one bottle of good Cyprus wine lead to another, and finally turned into a whole event with barbeques and other dishes. Around 11 p.m., the current Minister of Internal Affairs and his driver drove along the shore. They stopped at the traffic light, looked our way, and he spotted one of our friends. He rolled down the window, said hi to him, and our friend properly stood up from his seat to greet the Minister and came up to his car. By then the light turned green, and the Minister's driver moved a little ahead not to stall the traffic and pulled over. The Minister got out of the car and went in our direction, said hi to everyone, had a little chat with our friend about people's friendship, then said bye and left…

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