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Safety in Cyprus

Cyprus favorably differs from continental Europe in many respects. Thus, Cyprus is officially reported to have one of the lowest crime rate in Europe.

There are no such things as metal window grates here. As far as fences are concerned their height is legislatively limited to the level of 1,20 m, i.e. aiming at preserving a uniform landscape it is simply not allowed to willfully build  many-meter fences. Property owners are encouraged to make hedgerow of trees, flowers and plants at their own discretion but no iron, concrete, brick and etc.

There is no security either in hotels, stores or in banks in Cyprus. Of course Cyprus has Police. But curious fact - in august the entire police staff virtually goes … on holidays! Only duty police platoons remain.

Until recently crime was absolutely none. Doors of houses and cars would not be closed. Nowadays it is not so because of visitors from poor European countries. It is recommended to install alarm systems in the houses and apartments. But all the same the situation as compared to the countries of continental Europe is considerably better.

In Cyprus cars are still often left open with air conditioning running for example just to go shopping. There is a local joke. A luxury car is left unattended with the engine running. Its owner’s friends and acquaintances secretly remove it some hundred meters forward… Failing to find his/her car the owner is definitely surprised but by no means shocked. He can guess that it has nothing to do with car thieves.

Life in Cyprus is really safe. Foreigners living in Cyprus with their children are particularly aware of this and do appreciate it. Even the most cautious mom safely send children to walk alone, also in the dark time. No need to get worried about kids – nothing can be more valuable!

And one more thing, living in Cyprus is comfortable and pleasant for foreigners. More information on this is available on the page Local Life.

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