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What is Cyprus Developers Alliance

We proudly introduce our organization, Cyprus Developers Alliance, to you. We are well-known builders and developers of Cyprus. We have made up our minds to join our efforts in order to offer you optimum property in Cyprus. With this purpose Cyprus Developers Alliance was established.

Thousands of properties throughout Cyprus

There are several thousand properties in our portfolio today. We offer solely our own projects, already built or under construction, plots of land with building commitment as well as commitment free and investment projects. We are a major player of Cyprus construction industry.

We build property throughout the entire island – in coastal cities (Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca) and their suburbs, at popular resorts (Protaras, Ayia Napa, Polis, Pissouri), in the centre of the island (Nicosia).

Our property is offered at the whole price range of property market starting from inexpensive single-bedroom apartments for vacation purposes and ending with luxury multimillion villas. Moreover we always guarantee perfect quality of construction and finishing and best prices for immovable property.

Alliance - a club of élite developers

Alliance is a club of élite developers, most modern and advanced companies. Members of Alliance are unified by unblemished business reputation and high European standards of construction and customer service.

Among members of Alliance there are major (operating throughout the entire island) and medium (specializing in a single region) developers.

Apart from major and medium players in Cyprus there are also minor developers – family companies initially targeted at domestic market. They do a perfect job both in design and in quality. At the same time there is no information related to them in foreign markets. Establishing representations in other countries, participation in foreign exhibitions, advertising campaigns and etc. are too hard-to-arrange events both in financial and in organizational terms for such companies. We would be pleased to note that some family companies-developers have already been accepted into Alliance and we are open to further work in this direction.

Assisting in adaptation in Cyprus

We lay particular stress on assisting our clients in their settling and adaptation in Cyprus. Associate members of Alliance will offer you various professional solutions related to Cyprus. Associate members – banks – will open a bank account for you in a single day and will offer you a mortgage credit. Legal companies will assist you in obtaining residence permit (foreign nationals who have purchased property in Cyprus the value of which exceeds euro 300 000 may obtain permanent residence permit only for 1-2-month period). Consulting companies will offer you their assistance in establishing your business entity in Cyprus.

The goal of Alliance employees is not only to demonstrate optimum alternatives of property and to support you in all the stages of making a transaction but to provide the full range of consulting services and just everyday advice. They will make suggestions as to which school you could send your child to. They could recommend you doctors of various specialization. They will tell you how and where it is better to buy any goods from foodstuff to vehicles. Those services are free of charge being the function and job of Alliance.

Frame of the Alliance

You will find descriptions of the developers – members of Alliance as well as its associate members on other pages of this section.

We would also like to call your attention to managing structures of Alliance. Those are, in the first place, Executive Committee that manages operating work of Alliance. And, Supervisory Committee that incorporates developer directors – members of Alliance that approves and controls the strategy and the basic trends of Alliance development. Information related to those structures is provided in this section as well.

Representing the interests of many developers at once, offering the full range of properties and a wide set of related services we make the process of property acquisition and settling and adaptation in Cyprus a very comfortable one. Meeting the hard-to-please, rather extravagant at times and unpredictable requirements of clients from all over the world is the main mission of Alliance.







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