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What is Cyprus Developers Alliance?

The CDA Group has been existing since 2009 and is one of the major players in the Cyprus real estate market.

In 2010, we established Cyprus Developers Alliance, an entity that promotes and sells properties of the developers who are members of the Alliance. There are currently 43 developers within the Alliance and our portfolio comprises more than 9,000 properties from all the regions of Cyprus and market segments.

After the sales volumes of our Alliance amounted to significant sums, we, having reliable and comprehensive information about the structure of supply and demand in the real estate market, the preferences of the buyers, as well as having amassed a vast experience, launched our own development projects.

Mission of our projects is to meet the needs of our clients, offer a response to a wider set of goals and objectives of the clients, implement our own thoughts and ideas in architecture, conceptual content, create new products in the previously unrepresented segments of real estate in Cyprus. Since then, we under the brand of CDA Group have built and successfully implemented large residential and commercial projects in Limassol and Nicosia. Most of our projects were/are sold before construction works start. This indicates their high liquidity and demand.

Here is an outlook of these and other activities of our group of companies.

Our development projects

The list of projects developed and built by a group of our companies is here.
All of them belong to the following property segments of the market:
• Business segment
• Affordable luxury
• Club Premium

Cyprus Developers Alliance

Alliance - Club of Selected Developers
The Alliance is a club of selected developers, the most modern and advanced companies. Alliance members are united by an untainted business reputation and high European standards of construction and customer service.

Alliance members include large (working all over the island) and medium-sized (specializing in one region) developers.

In addition to large and medium-sized players in Cyprus, there are also small developers - family companies, initially focused on the domestic market. They do a great job, both in design and quality, however in foreign markets nothing is known about them. For such companies, opening representation in other countries, participation in foreign exhibitions and events, arranging advertising campaigns and so on is too complex, both financially and organizationally. We would happily like to note that some family-owned developers have already been accepted into the Alliance and we are open to further work in this direction.

Thousands of properties
Today in our portfolio we have 9,000 properties. We offer a wide variety of projects – already built or under construction, plots of land with or without a construction contract, investment projects. We are one of the major players in the construction industry in Cyprus.

The Alliance's properties are located all over the island – in coastal cities (Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca) and their suburbs, in popular resorts (Protaras, Ayia Napa, Polis, Pissouri), in the center of the island (Nicosia).

Our developments embrace the entire price range of the real estate market, from low-cost single-bedroom apartments to luxury multi-million apartments and villas. 

Other activities

We help buyers of our properties to sell them when needed. To do this, our group of companies includes a licensed real estate agency (Reg. No: 1043, License No: 61/E).

In 2020, we have developed and implemented a new line of business – management of properties. Within the framework of this direction, we manage the complexes we have built. We monitor their cleanliness, maintain swimming pools and landscaped gardens, monitor the proper functioning of technical systems. In short, we ensure the maintenance of the properties at the highest level.

We also provide services for the full furnishing of apartments and rent.






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