Associate Members

Associate Members of the Alliance

Hellenic Bank

Hellenic Bank is the second largest banking and financial institution of Cyprus. Over 70 branches of the bank operate within the area of Cyprus. Its representative offices are operating in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev. Owing to the conservative sound policy of the Bank Management it was not affected by the European debt crisis and write-off per Greek securities. Among the great variety of banking services some particularly significant to foreign property purchasers may be distinguished:

  • Mortgage lending
  • Developed internet-banking
  • Possibility for automatic payment of utility bills
Nicolaides Stylianou

Nicolaides Stylianou is a famous Cyprus legal company recommended by Britich High Commishion, located in Nicosia. The company provides full range of legal services associated with property acquisition and immigration status registration. Among those there are:

  • Drafting contract of sale of immovable property
  • Verification of permit documentation (approvals) for immovable property 
  • Relieving property of mortgage
  • Obtaining approval of Council of Ministers of Cyprus for property acquisition
  • Deposition of contract of sale and payment of stamp duty
  • Registering VAT benefit
  • Obtaining residence permit and citizenship
KPMG Cyprus

Cyprus department of internationally known company KPMG that provides full range of auditing, taxation and consulting services to commercial and nonprofit organizations in 146 countries of the world.

Fuamari Group

The company undertakes corporate, legal and financial consulting according to the following fields:

  • Financial structuring of a group of companies subject to low taxation in Cyprus
  • Establishing and managing a company in offshore or other jurisdiction
  • Tax planning
  • Financial consulting
Bond Foster & Polycarpou

The company carries out consulting and supervision in civil construction. Company employees perform the following works:

  • Supervision of construction process
  • Control of developing and executing construction cost estimates
  • Consulting on any technological aspects of construction

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