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Shopping Stories
This summer, I had to pick up a birthday cake from a pastry store. The cake had already been paid for, but I still needed to buy candles. They were inexpensive, but I had no cash with me, only a credi...
Looking Out for a Healthy Family
Not so long ago, traffic cameras were removed in Cyprus. In 2004-2005, we were still photographed a couple times, but now you only have to look out for policemen with radars, who are stern on the outs...
Issues on Crime
Great continents deal with great problems. Continental Europe is no exception. In the Zürich airport in 2005, my bag with a laptop and documents got stolen. Similar things happened to my friends...
Jellyfish Attack!
Everyone probably heard the terrible news from Egypt, where sharks attacked people in the Red Sea.  Luckily, those creatures aren't found near Cyprus. And not only them. But there are innocuous...
OK or Not OK?
The other day, my friends and I were sitting in a small restaurant on the shore in Limassol. The meeting ran late, as it should, one bottle of good Cyprus wine lead to another, and finally turned into...
Dolce Vita
In November, when birds sing, the sun shines brightly and fresh air «assaults» your nose from a wide open window, you really want to sleep in, at least till 8. But because I have to get th...
Cyprus is Beautiful in Any Weather
A friend of mine, Valerio Belov, is a poet. Once he was on vacation in Cyprus during the cold season, and namely in the fishermen's village of Pomos to the west of the island. One would think that was...
Another Tire Mounting Story
This story happened to a relative of mine. He has little kids. Like all kids, they are not very careful bike riders. And that’s why their bikes have flat tires.One day my relative took a flat ti...
A Flat Tire
Yesterday my wife called me and said that she got a tire deflated when driving home. Moreover, the tire was so flat that it was impossible to drive any further. My wife didn’t have a spare tire....
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