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I started thinking about buying property abroad rather long ago. There were several countries where real estate and plots of land were chosen.  (France, Bulgaria, Cyprus). Quite a few articles were read, real estate situation abroad was analyzed. Because we live in Siberia, and that place is by no means a health resort, but a place of exile for convicts in czarist times, which explains the choice for a more comfortable region. It is not just climate.  Although the climate is not of little importance.  Our winters are rather long, if you judge them by European standards, they can last 9 months a year. In winter, you always wrap yourself up in layers and insulate all the necessary and unnecessary body parts, or it can take you an hour to warm up the car to get it started.  And in summer there are unbearable gnats, black flies, and 25mm mosquitoes. Even though we have rivers and lakes, you can't go in there for a swim without caution. And all of that improves  neither health, nor comfort, satisfaction, or optimism. Another reason that made me choose a more comfortable region was the kids' education. Our teaching and education system has discredited itself in my opinion; because a few years ago my older daughter graduated from school and now studies at a university, so I know these things first hand. And this year, my younger daughter is going to start her first grade.  In general, I have come up with this idea to buy real estate abroad.  Because we live in a house of our own, and there is not enough treasure in the world to lure me to an apartment, I was looking for a house from the beginning.  Surfing the Internet, I picked three companies that represented the real estate market in Cyprus. However, as I came to Cyprus one of the companies turned out to be privately-owned, another one was only selling its own property, so that only the third one remained that offered such a broad database of various developers and I realized I didn't need anyone else.  That company was Cyprus Developers Alliance.             

Selection procedure. 

The company offered a fair number of options. And their approach was quite professional, to my own surprise I picked the house that I hadn't even considered when looking online.  The project impressed me very much with its Italian-style design and forest surroundings with pines and olive trees.                                                             

Purchasing procedure.

During negotiationswith Cyprus Developers stayed close and solved the most important issues including those of discounts and supplementary services. It made a world of difference.                           

Payment procedure.

On the whole, all payment terms are stipulated in the contract, but they are specified during negotiations, and that is when you need assistance from the representatives of Cyprus Developers Alliance. But even if you find yourself in arrears or there is a situation, they will not take a pound of flesh off you, but try to help you out and find more advantageous options and solutions.

House transfer procedure.

On the day specified in the contract for commissioning and transfer of the house to the Customer, i.e. to me, I phoned Cyprus Developers Alliance and set the time of my arrival at Cyprus. You understand that it is rather difficult to move from Siberia to Cyprus (three days through forests, 5 days across fields, a day on the plane).  Finally, the long-awaited hour X came!  All of us (my wife, both daughters and me) came to accept the house. All previously specified things and supplementary equipment were in place, there was running water, gas service, heating, the pool was filled, the sun was shining!!! There were little unfinished jobs that my wife detected, but they were done within 2 days. I won't tell you about decorating, everyone does it in their own way, as of today everything is equipped (not without involvement of Cyprus Developers Alliance, I should thank them so much), both furniture and household appliances.  We hired a company for beautification and to lay out a garden. Discussion of plant life and up making an estimate took only 3 days, and in another 3 days we had a garden with an automatic irrigation system, where everything works autonomously. As of today, the trees in the garden bear enough fruit, and we take our own crop — oranges, tangerines, pomelos, figs, pomegranates, cumquats, plums, apricots, peaches...!!!) For Siberians, it's a totally amazing feeling!                   

Am I happy with the purchase?

Of course I am! I live in my own house, gather and eat my own fruit, my family is with me and happy: there are the swimming pool and the sea. The sun, fresh air saturated with the smell of resin from relict pines and motley grasses! Wonderful neighbors! We celebrate holidays and birthdays together and simply get together in the evenings and discuss different topics. 


Tumen, Russian Federation

I have been to Cyprus several times on vacation, and the country seemed most suitable to buy real estate in (climate, history, inhabitants etc.).

What was important for you when choosing the piece of property?

Location in a quiet place in Limassol, proximity to the sea and infrastructure.

Did you choose whom to buy from?

I took me a long time to choose, the place and house. I choose CDA because all the documents (titles) were ready, there was high quality finishing, location and the developer turned out to be scrupulous and completely open-hearted.

Why did you opt for CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance?

They proved their worth as professionals as well as kind-hearted and decent people who always helped me with all the issues related to the purchase and entering into possession. They advised on many issues themselves.

What was the purchasing procedure like?

The price was negotiated, their property documents were studied by lawyers, the agreement was drafted, discussed and adjusted.

The agreement was signed, the advance payment was made, the VAT relief was received, the outstanding balance was paid, the papers were submitted to the Council of Ministers for an authorization to purchase and simultaneously the lawyers submitted papers for a residence permit.

What was particularly memorable for you?

Signing the agreement, receiving the titles and the residence permit.

Are you happy with the purchase?

Yes, totally.

What would you recommend to those people who are considering buying a house or other property in Cyprus?

Before the purchase, you should decide what exactly you want to get from buying real estate in Cyprus – a place for vacations or permanent residence. Also you should understand where it is better to stay, in a city, or suburbs with their advantages and disadvantages. Well, and the main thing is probably financial means.  One can find both budget-friendly and upmarket property. A feature that I'd like to underscore is that in Cyprus you can choose from a wide spectrum of offers both in terms of price and architectural solutions, the latter would interest me more.


Moscow, Russian Federation

Considering different countries for buying property, my family decided on Cyprus because,

there are English schools in Cyprus, it is sufficiently safe, flight from Moscow does not take long, pleasant climate, friendly people.

How did you choose whom to buy from?

Property viewing was handled by the companies that had responded to our letter.

Why did you opt for CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance?

Customer approach and a great choice of property did their work, and we chose Cyprus Developers Alliance.

What was the purchasing procedure like?

The purchasing procedure was convenient and quick. However, probably due to Cyprus' system slowness, the title for the property purchased took longer than expected.

What was particularly memorable for you?

Particularly memorable is the composure and professionalism in 30-40 showings. We took a very long time choosing.

Are you happy with the purchase?

My family is very happy with the purchase. We chose exactly what we wanted.

What would you recommend to those people who are considering buying a house or other property in Cyprus?

My advice would be as follows: I strongly recommend buying, but do not hurry.


Moscow, Russian Federation

Our friends invited us to their place, and after that first visit we realized that Cyprus was our kind of island, with its beautiful climate, warm-hearted relations between people, it's a place you want to live in.

Moreover, we liked the apartment itself, the suite (Tala Riviera) simply enraptured us with beauty: well-groomed territory, well-laid-out approaches to houses, where no one is in anyone's way, location on an elevation, where temperature is more comfortable, convenient location.

How did you choose whom to buy from?

I left an inquiry online, received a very prompt reply, we set up a meeting in person.

Why did you opt for CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance?

CDA – right after the first meeting with Alexander, we established a warm-hearted relationship, somehow I trusted him at once, listened to advice given with regard to my interests and wishes, and I felt sincerity. I can come with any issue, even unrelated to the purchase of the apartment, and my request won't be unseen to. I recommend it to all friends.

What was the purchasing procedure like?

The purchasing procedure was quick, smooth, and I got a discount.

What was particularly memorable for you?

I felt myself at home.

Are you happy with the purchase?

We are very happy with the purchase.

What would you recommend to those people who are considering buying a house or other property in Cyprus?

To carefully choose the place where one decides to buy, learn about all future payments (utility bills etc.), taxes, it is very important to fall into the hands of a good company who won't try to push illiquid property onto you (I have experienced that first-hand), but will give you the best advice and help later.

Helen Otis

Tallin, Estonia

We were so fortunate to have found Alexander from CDA when we moved to Limassol. He helped us identify the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. He was patient as we traveled from Zurich to look at homes over several months and cautioned us about making unreasonable offers, when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes.

In short, he was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Alexander was that he was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, than he was on closing a deal. We would recommend him to anyone. Thank you and best regards!


Zug, Switzerland

I just received your letter regarding the property and wanted to express how impressed I am, yet again, by Cyprus Developers Alliance's organisation and professionalism. After dealing with real estate company, I haven’t found a company so polite and easy to deal with as Alliance. They have great knowledge about neighborhoods, were very clear as I took each step through the process, answered emails and calls very quickly, and were an asset during the offer process. Thank you very much!


Hyderabad, India

We'd never bought in Cyprus before and weren't sure what to expect. Cyprus Developers Alliance had been recommended to us. Let me tell you this team exceeded our expectations. Andreas has a very kind demeanor, knows his stuff when it comes to homes and Cyprus subject. We felt very comfortable with Andreas. He was great about making appointments immediately, he always got back to us, and his advice was incredibly useful. I'd love to have Andreas wherever we move in the future. He wasn't pushy at all, worked with our budget, and gave great advice about areas, schools, future resale, etc. His team was also lovely to work with. His colleague Michail is great about communication and can answer any questions you have at a moments notice. What is most important, from initial search through escrow closing, Michail watched out for our interests. A superb company.


Dubai, UAE

Our task was to select options for apartments in Limassol and Paphos. Mikhail from CDA coped with it brilliantly: within two months, he directed and coordinated with us various options, based on the locations of interest to us, budget, furniture, technical equipment and other details.

Upon our arrival, taking into account the previously agreed options, we were organized to view the objects with the participation of representatives of the developers.

As a result, upon the fact of the chosen object, we were organized and helped to hold a joint meeting with lawyers, where we were able to discuss all the issues and nuances regarding the acquisition of the property and obtaining PR.

Furthermore, I would like to note the work of Kyrill: he is a professional, has knowledge in all matters, he told a lot of important and interesting things about the peculiarities of life in Cyprus, accompanied and advised us throughout the trip.

Colleagues, thank you so much!
We will definitely recommend CDA to our friends and acquaintances.

Dmitriy and Irina

Moscow, Russian Federation

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